How to Get Vitamin A for Your Skin

Does your skin get enough Vitamin A? You can supply this nifty compound to your skin through your diet or by an external cream, and the benefits can be significant. It encourages the production of collagen, as well as stimulates the rate at which your skin cells are shed, so that damaged surface skin is essentially discarded at a faster rate, leaving you with healthier (and theoretically more youthful looking) skin. There are three ways to get more Vitamin A working on your skin.

With Food

Foods that are considered to be rich in Vitamin A are technically not. These types of food are simply rich in beta carotene, which is a type of terpenoid (an organic chemical) and your body then converts these compounds into Vitamin A.

Foods that are typically rich in beta carotene include beef liver, raw carrots, raw spinach, raw broccoli, sweet potatoes, and even eggs and butter. So rather logically, you can increase your body's production of Vitamin A by increasing your consumption of these beta carotene-rich foods. Eating these foods can theoretically improve the quality of your skin, alongside a sensible skincare regime. But what about when your diet does not (or perhaps cannot) include these types of food?

With Dietary Supplements

When your diet doesn't include an appropriate amount of beta carotene-rich foods, you can of course begin to take a regular Vitamin A supplement, which you can find at any health food shop. This is a decision that you should periodically reconsider if your diet changes to include foods that stimulate the production of Vitamin A. Speak with your doctor if you're unsure.

While unlikely, a buildup of Vitamin A in your body can result in a condition known as Hypervitaminosis A, which is when the levels become toxic. In extreme cases, it can affect your vision, bones, and even have an adverse effect on your skin (which is the complete opposite of what you're trying to achieve).

And of course it's possible to simply bypass your internal systems and topically apply Vitamin A to your skin.

With Skincare Products

There are numerous skincare products that contain a large quantity of Vitamin A. Since it's not ingested, you don't need to be concerned about Vitamin A building up inside your system. As with all skincare products, there are a number to choose from (of varying prices and quality).

DNA serum is typically super loaded with Vitamin A and aids rejuvenation by stimulating collagen production (particularly when used as a night cream when it's less likely to be wiped off or diluted by normal daily activities). But there might be a small amount of trial and error involved when trying to find the best Vitamin A-rich skincare product for you.

However you get Vitamin A working on your skin, you are going to love the results.